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All Rise for Aaron Judge’s New Fan Section at Yankee Stadium

This baseball season for the Yankees has been better to start then most. They’re currently at 25 and 16, and they seem to be setting themselves up for another run at the playoffs. But Aaron Judge has been a big part of that and he’s gotten a lot of attention from fans. And the Yankees are happy to help that along! Read the rest of this entry

Monte Checks In From Yankee Stadium for Derek Jeter’s Last Home Game [VIDEO]

Monte not only called in tonight from the stadium, but he’s been tweeting and posting pictures on Instagram. Monte is also with Scottie Blaine who we also check in with. Also take a look at the gallery below and be sure to come back for updates. And read Monte’s story on the tribute at Albany’s Empire State Plaza, for Jeter.


Corning Tower Displays Tribute To Derek Jeter Thursday

Monte Jennings

Monte Jennings

The Corning Preserve in downtown Albany pays respect to Yankees legend, Derek Jeter, as he takes the field at Yankee Stadium one last time Thursday night.  Not only will you see Jeter’s famed number 2, shining brightly as the tower lights up with the captain’s digit, but you can also witness history and watch his final game in Yankee pinstripes at the Egg, on the big screen!   Read the rest of this entry

Joba Chamberlain Returns To Yankee Stadium With a New Look

Former New York Yankee, Joba Chamberlain, made his return to the Bronx yesterday for the first time since signing with the Detroit Tigers last December.  Wearing pinstripes for seven seasons and winning a World Series ring, you’d think Yankee fans would cheer Joba at first sight.  However, it took a while recognize him.  A long while.  Check out what Joba looks like these days. Read the rest of this entry

Francisco Cervelli Returns To New York Yankees

Francisco Cervelli is officially off of the 60-day disabled list and back on the Yankees’ active roster.  Sidelined since April, a healthy Cervelli will be assuming his role as backup catcher.  To make room on the roster,  NY has sent down catcher, John Ryan Murphy, to Triple A.  Will the return help the Bombers climb the AL East standings?  These stats may sway your mind in answering YES. Read the rest of this entry

Robinson Cano Suprises Yankee Fans As They Boo Him [VIDEO]

When Robinson Cano decided to leave the New York Yankees and sign with the Seattle Mariners to the tune of a 10-year, 240 MILLION dollar contract this offseason, Yankee fans were left with a sour taste in their mouths.  Tonight, Cano comes back to Yankee Stadium for the first time as a Mariner and as one might expect the- boo birds will be out in full force.  Realizing the situation, Tonight Show host, Jimmy Fallon, decided to help fans get some booing practice in before the game.  However, Jimmy was up to his old tricks.  Watch what happens to these fans as Cano creeps up from behind them while booing. Read the rest of this entry

Michael Pineda is an Asshole, Not a Cheater

I believe the old saying goes, “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.” In the case of Yankees pitcher Michael Pineda, it’s shame on him, and the people telling him to put pine tar in obvious spots.  Read the rest of this entry

Derek Jeter Announces 2014 Will Be Final Season

Breaking news:  New York Yankees’ Derek Jeter has just announced that 2014 will be his final season in a storied baseball career. Read the rest of this entry

Yankees Sign Masahiro Tanaka To Seven Year Deal

The wait is over – Japanese pitching sensation, Masahiro Tanaka, has signed with an MLB club.  Move over, CC Sabathia, the Bronx has a new ace in town – and the Yankees have paid him handsomely. Read the rest of this entry