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Check Out This Clip of Yoda’s Return in Star Wars Rebels

It was announced a few weeks ago, but we’re seeing the first clip from Star Wars Rebels that has Master Yoda, though only his voice, making an “appearance” on the show. That in itself is cool for a fan like me, but what it really making me geek out, is that Frank Oz, the original voice of Yoda, reprises his role for this episode.  (more…)

RUMOR: Disney to Release Unaltered Star Wars Original Trilogy on BluRay

“This will be a day long remembered.” That’s what Darth Vader said as teh Death Star entered the Yavin system to blow up the rebel base in A New Hope. Now word is coming out that Disney will listen to fans and release the unedited original trilogy on BluRay Discs. YIPPEE!! Read the rest of this entry